Our LSR Honor Guard is named for Company L (Lone Star Rifles) 1st Texas Infantry Regiment CSA. The 1st fought with the Army of Northern Virginia in General Hood's Brigade in battles from Seven Pines to Cold Harbor, the Siege of Peterburg and Appomattox.

 Ist Texas Battle Flag aka the Wigfall Flag  LSR Outside Mess  First Texas Color Bearer Troiani
1TXFLAG1 1st-Texas-Camp-Quantico-Rosenberg-Library-Collection First Tx Color Bearer Troiani


Lone Star Rifles (Color Guard of the SCV Hill Country Camp #1938, Fredericksburg/Kerrville, TX)

  • Bell, Arthur                   Ingram, TX
  • Burrier, Paul                  Leakey, TX
  • Conerly, Ted                  Kerrville, TX    Bagpiper
  • Harrison, Gaylan           Coahoma, TX
  • Maxwell, James             Bandera, TX
  • Short, Dr. Stephen         Kerrville, TX
  • Speidel, Randy              Llano, TX
  • Taylor, Don                   Harper, TX
  • Terrell, Tom                  Kerrville, TX
  • Tittle, John                    Harper, TX      Bugler

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