On February 18, 2001, in Fredericksburg, Texas,  Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1938 was born.

Joe Ginn, who had previously founded a chapter of Sons of Republic of Texas, met with those members and a few others drawn by articles in the Fredericksburg and Kerrville newspapers. This meeting took place in Joe's living room to gauge interest in forming a new SCV Camp. The group decided to proceed with the process. After some discussion, the name Hill Country Camp was chosen to reflect the various areas of the Texas Hill Country where the men resided.

The men present who would become charter members were as follows: Paul Burrier, Billie Busby, Rusty Busby, Jason Dunbar, Kevin Dunbar, Scott Dunbar, Joe Ginn, Bob Goldsborough, Pat Klein, Sam Smith and Roy Wood.

Camp officers were elected to the following positions:

Camp Commander- Joe Ginn;  Lt. Commander- Sam Smith;  Camp Adjutant- Bob Goldsborough; Treasurer- Pat Klein.

A packet containing a charter application along with new member applications was submitted to SCV National Headquarters in Tennessee.

The Sunday House in Fredericksburg was chosen as meeting place for monthly meetings. Meetings were later moved to the Inn of the Hills in Kerrville with meetings being held the third Thursday of each month.

Upon charter approval by Headquarters, the camp's number became 1938 and was assigned to the South Texas Brigade of the Texas Division. The chartering ceremony and dinner took place at the Inn of the Hills. At this time there were 14 members with the addition of new members George Baske, Don Clark and Fred Scaggs. As of June 2014, there are presently 37 members and 2 Cadets. Presently the camp is now assigned to the West Texas Brigade.

Camp 1938 is very active in the Hill Country with participation in parades and cemetery memorial dedications. The LSR honor guard, with muskets and flags, receive numerous invitations to events throughout the Hill Country.




 The Original Cannon Crew

Left to Right: Fred Skaggs  Joe Ginn  Bob Goldsborough  Sam Smith


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